Treatment Methods

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are aesthetic fillings which are unnoticed on tooth surface, also known as white fillings are hardened by using light. The connection between theteeth and filling is provided by using a special adhesive. Bonding material is in two different types for the front and the back region.

Teeth of the same color with light-cured dental unnoticed in a variety of colors and aesthetic fillings, also known as white fillings. The connection between the teeth filling materials. Special adhesive called bonding region and the back region are available for the different types.


Porcelain Fillings

In porcelain filling applications, the model prepared by using cavity dimensions is sent to dental laboratory. At the second session polished porcelain filling which is produced by using precise high-tech methods is bonded to the cavity by special adhesive.

They are prepared andsent to the laboratory from the cavity dimensions. After the session with a  advanced technology, precise working results are obtained. Are bonded to the tooth with a special adhesive agent.

Porcelain filling is the best treatment choice in cases where large filling is necessary or crown cover is not desired.




With laser-assisted root canal treatments, lesioned teeth can be saved without loss. The lesion can significantly reduced in size by applying laser during the treatment in 2 or 3 sessions. With laser-assisted root canal treatments, it is observed that the lesion completely disappears after 6 months.